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What is Possible with the Metaverse in Business?

After the first “Wow!” the next reaction to Mark Zuckerberg’s Metaverse presentation was ”Can I make money in the Metaverse?”. If the Internet has provided infinite business possibilities, why the Metaverse сouldn’t?

Let’s explore the possibilities for business in the Metaverse today to be ready to enjoy its benefit tomorrow.

Definitely the Metaverse is an enormous space for new money making ideas. Don’t stop thinking about Metaverse business opportunities just now. Metaverse is not a product and property of one single company. It is created by many people for the whole world to create a new reality together.

Consider the business opportunities that have already been implemented, and think about new, not yet voiced ideas.

How will the metaverse affect business?


Well-known world brands are already mastering Metaverse and offering new immersive experiences for their loyal supporters and customers. Small businesses do not lag behind and also use perceived virtual space to sell real goods and services as well as digital products.

The era of transition from the familiar Internet to Metaverse space means a further step from usual e-commerce (Internet sales) to digital commerce with its engaging, interactive experience.

Virtual try-on already encourages customers to buy more different outfits, accessoires, etc (try on hats, glasses, makeup right from their Instagram feed). You can also try new furniture as they will look in the house. Metaverse will expand the shopping experience, making it more immersed.

Metaverse offers a completely new opportunity: the sale and purchase of virtual products. Such as virtual clothes for an avatar or even virtual land parcels.

Design 3D accessoires and sell them as NFTs — isn’t it a great individual business idea, available from Metaverse? Or you can invest in virtual land plots in Decentraland or elsewhere in the Metaverse to sell them later at a higher price. Or construct a virtual building on the plot and rent it out…

Events and Show Business

Selling tickets for Metaverse concerts and paid events, where virtual visitors can be present as avatars. VR goggles and other Metaverse devices will overlay the virtual world onto the physical reality around us and open up a hyper-realistic shared digital world, where we as an avatar can move, travel, attend events together with real and virtual friends, wherever they are at this moment.

Some singers and artists already use this opportunity. Selling paid tickets to virtual concerts is a real business in the virtual environment.

VR Tourism

If you would like to see famous tourist attractions but can’t travel to distant countries, then your Metaverse avatar will do it! The impression will be as realistic as if you had actually been there. Moreover, the Metaverse allows you to visit the distant past, future and other planets. Therefore, a virtual travel agency is quite a possible business in Metaverse. Think about it. The technology to implement such a project already exists. Make it possible for travel enthusiasts to take a virtual sightseeing instead of physical presence.


If the Internet can be called a 2D mega advertising platform, then Metaverse will obviously become a 3D advertising platform, in every sense of the word. Specialists in the advertising business should already be mastering the new virtual universe, so as not to fall behind in a competitive environment. All connections grown today in social media will appear in Metaverse tomorrow, enormously expanding the audience and coverage.

Selling NFTs, virtual art pieces

You can expand the scope of your talent as an artist. Let your artworks be seen by the whole world. In the Metaverse you can sell more art pieces than in one art gallery.

For VR games developers and gamers

What does the Metaverse propose to the gamers? Play-to-earn crypto games use blockchain technology and allow players to enjoy the gameplay and earn cryptocurrency.

If you are a creative game developer, use VR design tools to create your own VR games, then publish and monetize them in any known way.,/p>

Mark Zuckerberg’s Meta says the Metaverse will be “the biggest opportunity for modern business since the creation of the Internet”.

Instead of a conclusion: Start doing business in the Metaverse right now

Metaverse is not owned by one person or company. This is a unique global partnership, a common space that is simultaneously formed by many companies and people who think and conceptualize the future in joint interaction.

There are many ways to make money in the Metaverse. Right in front of our eyes, the Metaverse is forming an independent virtual economy based on the circulation of digital currencies and the power of non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Business in Metaverse is based on a wide variety of cryptocurrencies circulating digitally through blockchain technology.

Cryptocurrencies make it possible to monetize all kinds of content and are a self-sufficient tool for making money in the Metaverse.

Explore infinite possibilities of augmented and virtual reality, monetize your content, and earn with crypto and NFTs. Start your own business strategy, master the virtual universe and feel free and powerful as never before in physical reality.

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