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Shopping in the Metaverse

Metaverse technologies in retail it's a leap forward, offering the buyer a new immersive experience

Many global companies have already bought space in the Metaverse and opened retail stores there. It sounds fantastic but it’s reality. You can be convinced of this and find your favorite brand of outfit, gadgets or accessories in Metaverse retail right now.

Let’s go through virtual stores and find out what shopping in the Metaverse is like

Metaverse shopping has two sides: the first is the purchase of real goods in online 3D stores, and the second is the purchase of virtual goods.

Popular brands use Metaverse opportunities to enhance the shopping experience. For example, virtual online try-on. You can try on a new dress, glasses, hat and new makeup while staying at home. You can even consult online with a friend whether new clothes suit you. Or try on a new sofa for your living room before ordering furniture delivery.

The beauty industry uses Instagram AR filters and Snapchat lenses to advertise their services in the Metaverse.

The Metaverse is a marketplace for a variety of digital products and services

Metavers offers a completely new type of shopping: here you can buy virtual things, digital goods, in particular NFTs.

Do you have an avatar for games, travel, meetings in Metaverse? Then you can buy digital clothing or virtual accessories from a fashion brand for your avatar. You can buy any outfit for your avatar to make him/her look like you in real life and represent you in the virtual world.

Benefits of shopping at the Metaverse:

  • You don’t leave your home
  • You can do it at any time of the day that is convenient for you
  • You have time to view a lot more products than when shopping offline
  • Virtual try-on is a great shopping assistant in the Metaverse
  • 3D technology is rendering the real-life in-store environment
  • Shopping in the Metaverse concerns both physical products and virtual ones.

How do I pay in the Metaverse store?

Use your crypto wallet to buy physical products or NFTs, digital goods and services. Currently, each metaverse uses its own special cryptocurrencies, but soon, joint efforts of all Metaverse co-creators will form a united space in which all possibilities will be merged and universalized.

Is virtual Metavers shopping the same as online shopping?

We currently do many things online: sell, buy, play, work, socialize, make money, entertain.

Then what’s the difference? Shopping in the Metaverse virtual store gives you an amazing sense of presence thanks due to the 3D effect. The atmosphere of a real clothing store, a fashion brand boutique, a furniture showroom, an art exhibition — anything is possible in the Metaverse integrated interactive space. All you need for complete immersion — Metaverse goggles, VR headset for cell phone, maybe your avatar – a virtual copy of your personality, imitating your voice, movements, gestures.

And — wow! Now you are walking around a luxurious huge store, trying on clothes in front of a virtual mirror, choosing gadgets, sorting through familiar and favorite brands.

Metaverse retail is a very real business, why not give it a try?

If you have an idea to do retail in Metaverse, thanks to 3D modeling you can create the most incredible, magical, amazing store that will surprise and delight your customers. Even if the goods in this store are not so fantastic 😄.

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Shopping in the Metaverse

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