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Architect in the Metaverse

3d modeling
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Architect in the Metaverse

The Metaverse mission is to connect people through virtual 3D spaces, providing them with amazing and immersive 3D visualized experiences through the internet, computer, VR headsets and VR goggles.

Any action takes place in a certain space. This also applies to virtual events. And the space must be organized in a certain way: it could be a landscape, including an alien one, a building, a city, a park, etc. Someone has to design these buildings, cities, towns, halls, offices, stadiums…Therefore the Metaverse cannot do without architects.

Architects involved in the Metaverse

This is an opportunity for architects and designers to get involved in the Metaverse, to become creators of virtual buildings, spaces and even fantasy worlds.

An architect in the Metaverse can ignore gravity, just not take it into account when designing buildings and structures. You can focus on the form, on the visual effect, discarding technical standards in design and construction that are not needed in the virtual space. You also don’t need building materials, it’s amazing!

This broadens the horizons of the architect and removes all obstacles, leaving only a flight of fancy and boundless scope for creativity. The architect is no longer limited by earthly rules and building codes. It seems that this is exactly what every architect secretly dreams of 😉…

Constructing on virtual parcels of land in the Metaverse

People are buying virtual land plots in the Metaverse to create platforms for certain activities there. For example, to build stadiums and concert halls for mass online 3D events.

Unlike real, physical concert halls, in the virtual world of the Metaverse you can build a concert hall for just one single online concert, and then replace this concert hall with something completely different. Like a virtual zoo with space animals, why not?

A virtual architect can design a house and sell it to one or more buyers who want to deploy that to the Metaverse spaces.

An architect in the Metaverse can create the future, but there are other uses for your skills. You can restore and preserve the distant past. Architectural monuments of past eras, completely or partially destroyed by time and people, can be restored in the Metaverse, and become tourist attractions for everyone who wants to take a virtual journey to where it is impossible to go in the physical body.

The Metaverse is a technology that can also be used to enhance architecture designs for the physical world. Designers, architects and engineers cooperating in the Metaverse can create a simulation of the real world to improve the physical design of many objects we use in our lives.

In the Metaverse, an architect’s copyright can be protected just like in the real world, and the author can receive royalties from the use of his creations.

Mark Zuckerberg’s message is: The Metaverse is going to be the biggest playground for architects. The work of architects will change soon, as a new virtual world comes to life.

Who are these people who will build the Metaverse?

The new profession of a virtual architect is emerging right now, combining the skills of an architect, 3D designer, programmer, whatever else.

It seems that in order to become a Metaverse architect, a higher architectural education is not at all mandatory. An architect in the Metaverse would rather use 3D computer modeling skills and digital technologies than knowledge of constructing materials and building codes. You will also need a shift in consciousness to break away from the perception of the physical world and reach a higher level of creativity.

Then get started! Create your own Metaverse architecture studio or hire virtual architects who will bring your most fantastic plans and projects to life.

Human imagination and energy are capable of much. Proven by the Metaverse creators.

Shopping in the Metaverse

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Shopping in the Metaverse

Metaverse technologies in retail it's a leap forward, offering the buyer a new immersive experience

Many global companies have already bought space in the Metaverse and opened retail stores there. It sounds fantastic but it’s reality. You can be convinced of this and find your favorite brand of outfit, gadgets or accessories in Metaverse retail right now.

Let’s go through virtual stores and find out what shopping in the Metaverse is like

Metaverse shopping has two sides: the first is the purchase of real goods in online 3D stores, and the second is the purchase of virtual goods.

Popular brands use Metaverse opportunities to enhance the shopping experience. For example, virtual online try-on. You can try on a new dress, glasses, hat and new makeup while staying at home. You can even consult online with a friend whether new clothes suit you. Or try on a new sofa for your living room before ordering furniture delivery.

The beauty industry uses Instagram AR filters and Snapchat lenses to advertise their services in the Metaverse.

The Metaverse is a marketplace for a variety of digital products and services

Metavers offers a completely new type of shopping: here you can buy virtual things, digital goods, in particular NFTs.

Do you have an avatar for games, travel, meetings in Metaverse? Then you can buy digital clothing or virtual accessories from a fashion brand for your avatar. You can buy any outfit for your avatar to make him/her look like you in real life and represent you in the virtual world.

Benefits of shopping at the Metaverse:

  • You don’t leave your home
  • You can do it at any time of the day that is convenient for you
  • You have time to view a lot more products than when shopping offline
  • Virtual try-on is a great shopping assistant in the Metaverse
  • 3D technology is rendering the real-life in-store environment
  • Shopping in the Metaverse concerns both physical products and virtual ones.

How do I pay in the Metaverse store?

Use your crypto wallet to buy physical products or NFTs, digital goods and services. Currently, each metaverse uses its own special cryptocurrencies, but soon, joint efforts of all Metaverse co-creators will form a united space in which all possibilities will be merged and universalized.

Is virtual Metavers shopping the same as online shopping?

We currently do many things online: sell, buy, play, work, socialize, make money, entertain.

Then what’s the difference? Shopping in the Metaverse virtual store gives you an amazing sense of presence thanks due to the 3D effect. The atmosphere of a real clothing store, a fashion brand boutique, a furniture showroom, an art exhibition — anything is possible in the Metaverse integrated interactive space. All you need for complete immersion — Metaverse goggles, VR headset for cell phone, maybe your avatar – a virtual copy of your personality, imitating your voice, movements, gestures.

And — wow! Now you are walking around a luxurious huge store, trying on clothes in front of a virtual mirror, choosing gadgets, sorting through familiar and favorite brands.

Metaverse retail is a very real business, why not give it a try?

If you have an idea to do retail in Metaverse, thanks to 3D modeling you can create the most incredible, magical, amazing store that will surprise and delight your customers. Even if the goods in this store are not so fantastic 😄.

How Meta Universe masters blockchain based crypto currencies

blockchain Metaverse crypto
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How Meta Universe masters blockchain based crypto currencies

The term Metaverse consists of 2 parts: “meta” means “beyond”, and “verse” originates from “Universe”. The Metaverse is a meta Universe, a persistent virtual environment, created by many participants. Decentralized internet environment controlled by individual users rather than by big companies.

One of the Metaverse main features is the presence of an independent virtual economy, for the safe and continuous functioning of which blockchain technology and the circulation of cryptocurrencies are used.

Metaverse opens up plenty of business opportunities and a million ways to make money. Virtual assets earned in the Metaverse become quite tangible and real due to the blockchain and numerous cryptocurrencies.

Blockchain powers the Metaverse

Blockchain is a public digital ledger where transaction data is recorded.
Transactions utilizing a blockchain network are decentralized, peer-to-peer and exclude intermediaries. Bank is not needed any more. This increases the transaction speed and reduces its cost.

The blockchain network is able to operate with an unlimited number of participants at the same time.

Blockchain allows digital transactions in the Metaverse to be

  • fast
  • cryptographically secure
  • protected

Decentralized payment systems are called cryptocurrency. Why crypto? Because cryptography is used to secure transactions.

Blockchain based crypto currencies were invented exactly for business transactions in a digital world. With the advent of the Meta Universe, crypto immediately took over the function of serving the interaction between users. Cryptocurrency-backed transactions are conducted across all virtual ecosystems and it is clear that such payments will prevail in the future.

The Metaverse economy imitates the real economy, and cryptocurrencies are replacing fiat money in this virtual universe.

Сountless Metaverse users can economically interact with each other without intermediaries, without payment systems, only through blockchain-based crypto.

Metaverse related crypto and NFTs

Cryptos and tokens used in the Metaverse are a type of digital currency that can be used to make purchases and other transactions in the Metaverse.

NFT is a unique indivisible token stored in the blockchain. NFTs are digital property, ownership is guaranteed due to a special certificate with metadata. When purchasing an NFT, you are not buying a digital work of art; in fact, you are purchasing a token certificate, which may guarantee your exclusive rights, or may not guarantee anything other than the possession of a unique digital certificate.

Even after you purchase the NFT artwork, it remains on the Internet: anyone can download your digital picture, print it, and hang it on the wall, and the data about you as the NFT owner is available in the blockchain system. It’s such a fine line between digital property and public digital records in fact.

One way or another, people are buying and selling NFTs, virtual land plots in Metaverse, digital goods and services.

A special role belongs to games in the Metaverse, this is a real business and a real money turnover, realized due to crypto and blockchain.

Most blockchain games are tied to the internal Metaverse gaming crypto on a specific platform. For example, Decentraland uses MANA, Sandbox uses SAND crypto token, and so on. Each platform promotes its own games and native tokens.

Variety of crypto in the Metaverse

Numerous crypto currency projects exist in different virtual Metaverse environments.
Many platforms use Ethereum, Solana or other blockchains.

Top crypto tokens in the Metaverse in 2022 are:

  • MANA (Decentraland)
  • SAND (Sandbox)
  • APE (ApeCoin DAO)
  • FLOKI (Floki Inu)
  • HERO (Metahero)
  • HIGH (Highstreet)
  • ATLAS (Star Atlas)
  • TVK (Terra Virtua Kolect)
  • EPIK (Epik Prime)
  • ENJ (Enjin)

The first half of 2022 has been a test for many cryptocurrencies. The price of SAND, APE and other crypto fell sharply (lost up to 90% of their value).

However, the virtual economy in the Metaverse will eventually acquire real features, and transactions for crypto-tokens will become as common as buying food for cash at a local convenience store.

The crypto market in the Metaverse is changing rapidly. In the near future, many crypto tokens will become more universal, available for settlements not only on their “native” platform, but also in other Metaverse environments, this is an inevitable process of globalization that awaits the meta universe soon.

Invest or not invest?

The Metaverse concept is strongly associated with blockchain and cryptocurrency. Investing in NFTs and crypto tokens looks promising. But don’t forget about asset diversification. Follow the rates of cryptocurrencies in dynamics. Intuition and information will help you make the right decision, which of the Metaverse crypto is better to invest in. There may be losses at first, but in the long term, crypto tokens in Metaverse will become profitable digital assets that can turn into quite material goods.

What is Possible with the Metaverse in Business?

Business in Metaverse
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What is Possible with the Metaverse in Business?

After the first “Wow!” the next reaction to Mark Zuckerberg’s Metaverse presentation was ”Can I make money in the Metaverse?”. If the Internet has provided infinite business possibilities, why the Metaverse сouldn’t?

Let’s explore the possibilities for business in the Metaverse today to be ready to enjoy its benefit tomorrow.

Definitely the Metaverse is an enormous space for new money making ideas. Don’t stop thinking about Metaverse business opportunities just now. Metaverse is not a product and property of one single company. It is created by many people for the whole world to create a new reality together.

Consider the business opportunities that have already been implemented, and think about new, not yet voiced ideas.

How will the metaverse affect business?


Well-known world brands are already mastering Metaverse and offering new immersive experiences for their loyal supporters and customers. Small businesses do not lag behind and also use perceived virtual space to sell real goods and services as well as digital products.

The era of transition from the familiar Internet to Metaverse space means a further step from usual e-commerce (Internet sales) to digital commerce with its engaging, interactive experience.

Virtual try-on already encourages customers to buy more different outfits, accessoires, etc (try on hats, glasses, makeup right from their Instagram feed). You can also try new furniture as they will look in the house. Metaverse will expand the shopping experience, making it more immersed.

Metaverse offers a completely new opportunity: the sale and purchase of virtual products. Such as virtual clothes for an avatar or even virtual land parcels.

Design 3D accessoires and sell them as NFTs — isn’t it a great individual business idea, available from Metaverse? Or you can invest in virtual land plots in Decentraland or elsewhere in the Metaverse to sell them later at a higher price. Or construct a virtual building on the plot and rent it out…

Events and Show Business

Selling tickets for Metaverse concerts and paid events, where virtual visitors can be present as avatars. VR goggles and other Metaverse devices will overlay the virtual world onto the physical reality around us and open up a hyper-realistic shared digital world, where we as an avatar can move, travel, attend events together with real and virtual friends, wherever they are at this moment.

Some singers and artists already use this opportunity. Selling paid tickets to virtual concerts is a real business in the virtual environment.

VR Tourism

If you would like to see famous tourist attractions but can’t travel to distant countries, then your Metaverse avatar will do it! The impression will be as realistic as if you had actually been there. Moreover, the Metaverse allows you to visit the distant past, future and other planets. Therefore, a virtual travel agency is quite a possible business in Metaverse. Think about it. The technology to implement such a project already exists. Make it possible for travel enthusiasts to take a virtual sightseeing instead of physical presence.


If the Internet can be called a 2D mega advertising platform, then Metaverse will obviously become a 3D advertising platform, in every sense of the word. Specialists in the advertising business should already be mastering the new virtual universe, so as not to fall behind in a competitive environment. All connections grown today in social media will appear in Metaverse tomorrow, enormously expanding the audience and coverage.

Selling NFTs, virtual art pieces

You can expand the scope of your talent as an artist. Let your artworks be seen by the whole world. In the Metaverse you can sell more art pieces than in one art gallery.

For VR games developers and gamers

What does the Metaverse propose to the gamers? Play-to-earn crypto games use blockchain technology and allow players to enjoy the gameplay and earn cryptocurrency.

If you are a creative game developer, use VR design tools to create your own VR games, then publish and monetize them in any known way.,/p>

Mark Zuckerberg’s Meta says the Metaverse will be “the biggest opportunity for modern business since the creation of the Internet”.

Instead of a conclusion: Start doing business in the Metaverse right now

Metaverse is not owned by one person or company. This is a unique global partnership, a common space that is simultaneously formed by many companies and people who think and conceptualize the future in joint interaction.

There are many ways to make money in the Metaverse. Right in front of our eyes, the Metaverse is forming an independent virtual economy based on the circulation of digital currencies and the power of non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Business in Metaverse is based on a wide variety of cryptocurrencies circulating digitally through blockchain technology.

Cryptocurrencies make it possible to monetize all kinds of content and are a self-sufficient tool for making money in the Metaverse.

Explore infinite possibilities of augmented and virtual reality, monetize your content, and earn with crypto and NFTs. Start your own business strategy, master the virtual universe and feel free and powerful as never before in physical reality.

Metaverse examples: the future we’re aiming for right now

Metaverse examples
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Metaverse examples: the future we’re aiming for right now

The Metaverse already exists. Think about Fortnite, Roblox, Sandbox and Minecraft gaming platforms. These examples are not exactly Metaverse in the conventional sense of the word, but rather the forerunners of the Metaverse.
2D virtual environment was the previous step, the next step is 3D virtual reality linked into the perceived virtual Metaverse.

We are moving from a bystander of the virtual world to a direct participant of the events inside it.

The growing interest in the Metaverse from business and users’ side is based on the already implemented examples of virtual 3D space use for games, entertainment, education and for making money.

What does Metaverse actually look like?

It’s a 3D simulated world that models our reality, even beyond our world. An inhabited augmented world, the Internet that we live in, rather than just contemplating.

Key components required for implementation of Metaverse:

  • The Avatar. A digital twin of a person that can communicate, work, argue, learn, play, buy and enjoy life inside the Internet. Digital avatar represents us in Metaverse, expressing our personality.
  • Components of the virtual world: places, spaces, games, arena of action, where the avatar can go from one to another.
  • The Platform to bring all together, a more mature technology giving us more immersive reality. For example, Metaverse will allow you (your avatar) to move from one virtual space to another like we do in a real physical world. You can create a replica of your home, your office and put it into virtual reality. You can buy a virtual car in a virtual store and drive wherever you like. Virtual ownership, virtual shopping, virtual service — we already operate with these concepts in practice.

Examples of Metaverse application

Emerging Metaverse opportunities are evolving at super speed.

Let’s imagine how the Metaverse can be applied and what benefits can be obtained.

  1. Entertainment and gaming
    Early version of Metaverse was a 3D gaming platform. Imitation of feeling of presence inside the game space completely differs from 2D gaming experience.
    Metaverse opens up completely exciting possibilities for gamers and a stunning sense of the reality of gaming action. New immersive entertainment experiences allow you to visit virtual exhibitions and concerts (Fortnite concerts is a real example), go on tours to unexplored corners of our and other planets.
  2. Education
    Online education has become the new normal due to the COVID pandemic. Metaverse will take distance education to a new level.
    Teachers and students all over the world can meet in the Metaverse getting a new learning experience, more immersive and profound.
  3. Professional training
    Mastering professional skills in a 3D simulator means a new level of practical training for both civilian and military jobs.
  4. Conferences and meetings
    During the pandemic, we have almost lost the habit of personal meetings at work. Future virtual meetings will move to 3-D space with digital avatars and the imitation of presence in one room. With Metaverse, there is no need for all conference participants to be in the same physical space: the ability to see yourself among the avatars of other participants, hear their voices, see their gestures and emotions, creates a complete presence effect. VR-goggles and motion capture gloves will immerse you in the atmosphere of a live meeting, no matter where the participants of the conference are in reality.
  5. Management and control
    Metaverse means a much more immersive experience of coordination and interaction in different industries, management and service operations. Employees of the city service companies can quickly remotely receive a stream of up-to-date information about their areas of responsibility using Metaverse. Example: police officers can monitor what is happening on the roads and streets of the city with full immersive effect, and quickly respond to accidents. Similar examples of using Metaverse can be given for engineering services: electricity, water supply, etc.

Metaverse money-making opportunities examples

The business potential of Metaverse is being explored by millions of users and developers.

  • Virtual goods and digital assets sales.
    This immense business opportunity is becoming a reality right now. Many companies are already selling products that only exist digitally. You already know about digital clothing and fashion brand accessories. Real estate deals already exist in Metaverse. The most common example of Metaverse digital-only goods is NFTs.
  • Advanced customer experience.
    A virtual try-on, virtual guide, virtual shop assistant — these are new customer experiences, new ways of interaction between companies and their clients. Exciting AR-shopping in virtual shopping malls — a number of global brands have already seized on the idea and are using Metaverse for promotion.
  • Digital ownership and crypto assets
    Creation, maintenance and monetization of content is a great money-making potential in Metaverse. For example, you can earn money by buying and selling cryptocurrencies. NFTs, virtual assets can grow in value over time and this is an exciting chance for making business.

In this article, we have only slightly opened the door to peek at the opportunities and amazing experiences that the Metaverse discovers for us.

Existing platforms (Decentraland, Sandbox, Fortnite, Roblox, World of Warcraft and League of Legends and others) can be called examples of the Metaverse. Вut still in the future, when all these and other virtual worlds will be united, and users will be able to freely move between them, dispose of with their virtual assets, buy, sell, play, then this will be the real Metaverse.

The younger generation is likely to become the main users of metaverse benefits.

There will be many more ways to use the Metaverse, examples we don’t have yet. Endless opportunities which we have to discover, explore and implement in the nearest future.

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