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Architect in the Metaverse

The Metaverse mission is to connect people through virtual 3D spaces, providing them with amazing and immersive 3D visualized experiences through the internet, computer, VR headsets and VR goggles.

Any action takes place in a certain space. This also applies to virtual events. And the space must be organized in a certain way: it could be a landscape, including an alien one, a building, a city, a park, etc. Someone has to design these buildings, cities, towns, halls, offices, stadiums…Therefore the Metaverse cannot do without architects.

Architects involved in the Metaverse

This is an opportunity for architects and designers to get involved in the Metaverse, to become creators of virtual buildings, spaces and even fantasy worlds.

An architect in the Metaverse can ignore gravity, just not take it into account when designing buildings and structures. You can focus on the form, on the visual effect, discarding technical standards in design and construction that are not needed in the virtual space. You also don’t need building materials, it’s amazing!

This broadens the horizons of the architect and removes all obstacles, leaving only a flight of fancy and boundless scope for creativity. The architect is no longer limited by earthly rules and building codes. It seems that this is exactly what every architect secretly dreams of 😉…

Constructing on virtual parcels of land in the Metaverse

People are buying virtual land plots in the Metaverse to create platforms for certain activities there. For example, to build stadiums and concert halls for mass online 3D events.

Unlike real, physical concert halls, in the virtual world of the Metaverse you can build a concert hall for just one single online concert, and then replace this concert hall with something completely different. Like a virtual zoo with space animals, why not?

A virtual architect can design a house and sell it to one or more buyers who want to deploy that to the Metaverse spaces.

An architect in the Metaverse can create the future, but there are other uses for your skills. You can restore and preserve the distant past. Architectural monuments of past eras, completely or partially destroyed by time and people, can be restored in the Metaverse, and become tourist attractions for everyone who wants to take a virtual journey to where it is impossible to go in the physical body.

The Metaverse is a technology that can also be used to enhance architecture designs for the physical world. Designers, architects and engineers cooperating in the Metaverse can create a simulation of the real world to improve the physical design of many objects we use in our lives.

In the Metaverse, an architect’s copyright can be protected just like in the real world, and the author can receive royalties from the use of his creations.

Mark Zuckerberg’s message is: The Metaverse is going to be the biggest playground for architects. The work of architects will change soon, as a new virtual world comes to life.

Who are these people who will build the Metaverse?

The new profession of a virtual architect is emerging right now, combining the skills of an architect, 3D designer, programmer, whatever else.

It seems that in order to become a Metaverse architect, a higher architectural education is not at all mandatory. An architect in the Metaverse would rather use 3D computer modeling skills and digital technologies than knowledge of constructing materials and building codes. You will also need a shift in consciousness to break away from the perception of the physical world and reach a higher level of creativity.

Then get started! Create your own Metaverse architecture studio or hire virtual architects who will bring your most fantastic plans and projects to life.

Human imagination and energy are capable of much. Proven by the Metaverse creators.

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