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Augmented reality product try on

Augmented reality feature to let customers digitally try on products using Instagram or Facebook filters. With this technology, your customer can see your product in augmented reality through a smartphone camera without leaving home.

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How digital try on works?

Using Instagram filters

Any smartphone user with Instagram / Facebook can follow the link and try your product in augmented reality in just a few seconds.

For what products is it suitable?

For almost any product that can be tried on a person's face / head ( makeup items, hats or glasses) or placed on any surface (furniture, decor, various appliances, etc.).

How to try on a virtual product?

When opening a link, the product / object is anchored to a person or to a surface in the place and size that the user sets. In just a few clicks. Then you can walk around the AR object, move away from it, and it will keep a static position.

Development of AR product try ons and its cost

We draw up a brief with the customer, discuss all the details and start. If you do not have a ready-made model the development cost will vary depending on the complexity of the drawing. If you have a ready-made 3D object its integration will cost less.

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What does virtual try on mean?

A virtual try-on is the way a customer can “try-on” a product through mobile devices. Thanks to the underlying AR technology, customers can see themselves in a chosen product on the screen of their smartphone. It is even possible to try on furniture, decor, household appliances in the room

Does Virtual Try increase sales?

As the market share of online sales prevails, virtual try-ons increase the likelihood to buy and spend more money on a product. AR filter visualization helps to make purchasing decisions. Virtual try-on technology increases sales of clothing, shoes, cosmetics, jewelry, as well as furniture, household appliances, and decor.

Why is virtual try on Good?

Virtual try-on technology enables buyers to see how certain products look on them before they actually buy the item. This technology applies very well to clothes, shoes, apparel, accessories, jewelry, make-up, where consumers long for a sense of “touch and feel”. People can virtually try on furniture at home before deciding to buy.

Is virtual try on AR?

Virtual try-on makes it possible for consumers to have a more realistic shopping experience, while shopping online. It utilizes augmented reality and a front-facing camera, thus allowing shoppers to virtually try on products, from hats to make-up, as well as to try on interior decor and furniture at home.

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