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3D modeling in the Metaverse

We create 3D models for the wide variety of experiences and activities in the Metaverse

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Our capabilities in the Metaverse 3D modeling


avatars, male & female scans, heroes and historical characters, anime, rigged, cartoon characters, 3D games heroes

Animals & creatures

animals, pets, fantasy creatures, plants and nature objects


furniture, gadgets, outfit, fashion & style, weapons, NFTs artworks, anything else


office, store, concert hall, stadium, gym, any landscapes, including alien and fantastic


three-dimensional models of any advances in technology, cars, vehicles, ships, planes rockets, spaceships


3D models of buildings, structures, infrastructure facilities of any level of sophistication


3D modeling to master virtual reality

Run your business, train, play and entertain with 3D models in the Metaverse

The Metaverse is a 3-dimensional virtual environment, so any activity in the Metaverse takes place with the participation of 3D digital objects and subjects.

Whether you want to run your business, train students or staff, play games, have fun, shop, sell or buy in the Metaverse, you need a variety of digital objects and spaces created by 3D modeling.

The EMSIDER agency will help realize your ideas and offer any 3D modeling options for use in the Metaverse.


Be one of the many Metaverse creators

Some aspects of the Metaverse currently exist. But Mark Zuckerberg says it will take about 10 years for the Metaverse to become a global merged virtual universe. So let's not wait with folded hands. Let's create the future together by developing the concept of Metaverse, adding virtual spaces, starting a business in the Metaverse, playing, having fun, earning money, traveling in virtual reality.

3D modeling is your first step towards creating, exploring and acting in the Metaverse.

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